Our Projects


Repair of Clutch Squeeze Unit

If you are the owner of an Opel car with an Easytronic gearbox and when...


Recovering Broken Pixels on the Auto Dashboard

Over time, the display loop dries and the information of the readings is lost.


Repair Mercedes-AMG E53

Mercedes-AMG E53 coupe is a real work of art! Designers and designers made it expressive, noble...


Repair or Replacement of Steering Rail

This work requires verification equipment, a lathe and a special tool. The unit has many features, spare parts for repair...


Replacement of Brake Pads

Professional inspection of a car in a viewing pit or on a special lift.


Comprehensive Car Diagnostics

Diagnosing a car on a regular basis is the only correct decision of the owner, who takes care of his own safety, and also protects other road users.


Replacement of Coolant

For uninterrupted operation of the cooling system, regular replacement of antifreeze is required. You need to change the cooling liquid at least...


Clutch Kit Replacement

Replacing all nodes on your own is almost impossible, especially if it is a novice. It is strongly recommended to contact a proven ...

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